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People are Talking...

Coldwater, Tennessee

"Dallas Wayne’s affable personality shines through his compelling songwriting — that is refreshingly honest."
~ Merlin David, M Music & Musicians Magazine

"Dallas Wayne has the perfect voice for country music... and it seems better than ever on Coldwater, Tennessee."
~ Duncan Warwick, Country Music People

"At an age where others might consider retirement, Wayne is just hitting his stride."
~ Adison Nadler, Music Mecca

"An unflinching country troubadour the likes of whom could compel the late Ernest Tubb to tip his hat."
~ Tom Netherland, Bristol Herald Courier

Songs The Jukebox Taught Me Volumes I & II

“An excellent reminder of what real country music sounds like.”
~ My Kind of Country

"Those who need schoolin’ in the classics of country music will find here some lessons not offered in Nashville."
~ Elmore Magazine

"... the flowing Bill Anderson tune “Tips Of My Fingers” is reinvented with the utmost beauty."
~ Take Effect Reviews

“I've often said anyone can trace a picture... it takes a true artist to paint one. Dallas Wayne is an artist, because he takes these old songs and paints them in a totally different light from the way the jukebox originally taught him. My song, 'Tips Of My Fingers,' for example, has never been recorded outside of a waltz tempo until now. And it shines... as do all the others... in the hands of a true artist.”
~ Whisperin' Bill Anderson

“Great job on an old song of mine called 'Blame It On The Times.' Thanks for bringing this one back!”
~ Willie Nelson

“Dallas Wayne has the unique ability to make new or old songs his own. Masterful!”
Johnny Bush

I’ll Take the Fifth

"I'll Take The Fifth deserves a prime position in the CD collection of any true country music fan..."

"With strong tunes and solid performances, Dallas Wayne proves that in addition to
serving up good music on satellite radio, he's equally adept at creating his own."
~ Robert Wooldridge,
Country Standard Time
Review used with permission of Country Standard Time

"It makes for a great listen. There is a bit of something for everyone,
and a whole lot to enjoy if you are a fan of the (country) genre as a whole. Thanks Dallas."
~ Donnie Ayers, Country Music People UK

People are Talking about Dallas...

"In case anyone forgot what country music sounds like, search no further."
~ Ray Waddell, Billboard

"Wayne has one of the best honky-tonk voices in America today... If Nashville still valued grit and twang this guy would be a major star."
~ Radney Foster, www.purespunk.com

"Everything about Dallas Wayne is big -- his size, his deep voice, his musical scope and vision."
~ Chet Flippo

"I'm telling you, this old boy should be in the f***ing Country Music Hall of Fame."
~ Crispin Sartwell, New York Press

"In a field where mimics abound, Dallas Wayne blazes his own trail."
~ Buddy Siegal, San Jose Mercury News

"With his deep, rich voice ... Dallas Wayne stands alongside the likes of Dale Watson and Wayne Hancock as one of the premier standard-bearers in contemporary honky-tonk music."
~ CD Universe

"Missouri-born Dallas Wayne is to hardcore honky-tonk what 110 proof corn whiskey is to hard liquor. Wayne's sterling originals … shine with exquisite hillbilly wit and poetry."
~ Bob Allen, Sonicnet.com

"Commercial country's loss is insurgent country's gain."
~ Buzz McClain, The Washington Post

I’m Your Biggest Fan

“The fact that Dallas Wayne, one bodacious country singer/songwriter, is still laboring in semi-obscurity is a sin.”
~ Ray Waddell,

“Wayne continues to write songs that better-known players in the world of country music should bow before.”
~ David Greenberger, No Depression

“This is a disc that every lover of real country music will want in their collection.”
~ Bill Groll, Country Roots Music

"...Wayne and his deep, rich voice are like old friends you want to make sure you invite to your party."
~ Kay Clements,
Freight Train Boogie

“… a reason to celebrate, since there aren't many country singers this good nowadays.”
~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine,
All Music Guide

Touch My Heart: A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck

"This one would be worth it just for the fine-form George Jones take on 'She's All I Got'; 
the genuinely burnt takes on 'I Did The Right Thing' by Dallas Wayne ..."
~ Barry Mazor, No Depression

"... and the great Dallas Wayne's stirring tremolo on 'I Did the Right Thing' ..."
~ Ray Waddell,

"Dallas Wayne fits perfectly in the Paycheck tradition of pure honky-tonk."
~ Steve Pick, Riverfront Times

Here I Am in Dallas

"…Wayne's brand of honky-tonk is strong and durable, making Here I Am in Dallas easily one of the most enjoyable country albums of the year."
~ Kurt Wolff, No Depression

"There's an irony in Wayne's cover of Faron Young's 'Here I Am in Dallas'... Here he is, indeed, and country music is so much better for it."
~ Brian Baker, Country Standard Time

"When his rich baritone acquires a beer-soaked twang, the attitude seems earned, not borrowed."
~ Geoffrey Himes, Washington Post

"It's tough to follow up a critically acclaimed record like Wayne's 2000 HighTone release Big Thinkin', but Here I Am in Dallas shows he's definitely up to the challenge."
~ William Michael Smith, RockzillaWorld

"Wayne plays reverent, hardcore honky tonk, and this is another strong release… Genuine stuff indeed."
~ Erik Hage, All Music Guide

"From the first notes on Here I Am in Dallas, (he) decries country music's wayward ways with a deep and soulful voice."
~ Justin Hopper, Pittsburgh City Paper

"Imagine a burlier-sounding Randy Travis -- stripped of varnish and steeped in the hard-twang influence of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard -- and you'll have some sense of the rough-hewn gem that is Dallas Wayne."
~ Don McLeese, Amazon.com

Big Thinkin'

"This collaboration ... is a blast. Tough, witty, reverent and sad, Big Thinkin' is big country."
~ Billboard Country Critics Choice

"One of the best country albums of the year. Wayne and Fulks can turn a phrase as well as Hank Cochran. Big Thinkin' is that good."
~ Howard Owens, Ventura County Star, Ventura, CA

"Big Thinkin' is much needed relief for alt-country… proof that authentic country is alive and well."  
~ Marty Jones, Westword.com Playlist

"Classic roadhouse sound… Flat-out vocal performances for the ages."
~ Jim Musser, No Depression

"A big dose of real honky-tonk… a welcome respite from the utterly banal Nashville hatboys."
~ James Kelly, Creative Loafing

"…a real winner… the Bakersfield twang of Buck Owens and the grit of Merle Haggard."
~ The Express, Berkeley, CA

"A terrific, honest record. True honky-tonk."
~ The Onion, Madison, WI

"Not since Merle Haggard and Tammy Wynette were washed up on shore by Hurricane Garth has country music sounded this authentic."
~ Chris Jorgensen, The Gazette, Billings, MT

"You truly believe the guy could put a restaurant menu to music and make it sound great. This is easily one of the best discs I've listened to all year. A new force to be dealt with in country music."
~ Christopher Thelen, The Daily Vault

"Big Thinkin' is the breath of fresh air that fans of real country music have been craving."
~ Michael Miller, The State Newspaper

"Wayne's debut was a major event in alternative country… a gifted singer-songwriter who sounds like no one but Dallas Wayne."
~ Buddy Siegal, Orange County Weekly Top Ten of 2000

"Dallas Wayne has the right kind of voice to put this stuff back on the radio. Hard-core honky-tonk."
~ Blue Suede News

"His floor-rumbling low notes recall singers like Vern Gosdin and John Anderson -- in timeless honky-tonk that ranges in mood from barn burning to tear-jerking."  ~ Peter Margasak, The Chicago Reader

"Dallas Wayne: A newcomer today, one of tomorrow's greats."
~ Musicnet

"In a world of pretenders ... Dallas Wayne is the real deal."
~ Michael Ross, Amazon.com

"This guy has talent to burn."
~ Big John Howell's Big Picks, US99 radio

"… a voice that hovers somewhere between the dusky tones of Waylon Jennings and the stylistic flair of George Jones ... a true country singer."
~ Rob Patterson, CD Now

"Conjures memories of George Jones, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Waylon Jennings… this is a hard-core country experience."
~ John F. Butland, Toast Magazine

"Wayne's barroom weepers and roadhouse stompers are a breath of fresh air."
~ Michael Gray, Country.com

"You want country? This guy is hard-core, undiluted roadhouse country."  
~ Province Newspaper, Vancouver BC

"Wayne has a voice that was made to sing real country … His traditionalism is darn refreshing." 
~ Ray Hogan, The Greenwich Times

"There has to be a place in music for someone who honors, understands and continues valued traditions. Meet Dallas Wayne." 
~ Charles Schroeder, ATS Sounding Board

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